What Makes Us The Best Choice for a San Francisco Injury Firm?

San Francisco, in comparison with other California cities has many great advantages, until it involves accidents. This is a city that has reached the top of the list for traffic accident related injuries and deaths and it also is such a dense place that suffering a work related injury, a slip and fall on a cracked sidewalk, or death at the hands of a negligent tortfeasor, is not an uncommon occurrence. With offices in Campbell, and San Francisco proper, Ehline Law is local, knows the areas, and protects the rights of all personal injury victims. We have proudly done so for over 9 years. Our firm has also won industry and consumer recognition for some of the largest monetary recoveries for the cases of their type. If you are down and out, and desperately need legal representation for a dog bite, elder abuse claim, or other serious personal injury in the City by the Bay, we are standing by right now waiting for your important phone call at 888-400-9721.



About the Risks of Traffic Injury in the City

San Francisco, California due to its population is the fourth largest city in the state and ranks the thirteenth largest city nationwide. Along with the diverse architecture, the city is known for its steep rolling hills that have been used in movies and television shows. What is glaring right away, is the lack of parking, door dings and difficult to navigate hills. Drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians alike are at serious risk for injuries by merely engaging in day to day tasks like riding the bus, or walking across the street, that would rarely involve an injury in most other suburban areas.

This is seen in the State Office of Traffic Safety, calculation of miles driven per city, where San Francisco has more injuries and deaths in traffic collisions, than other large cities in California. The data for 2009 showed that 3745 people were injured and killed in traffic related accidents. These figures include 293 motorcyclists, 736 pedestrians and 522 bicyclists.

When you or a loved one has been injured in the city of San Francisco, the Ehline Law Firm PC lawyers have the know-how to make your car accident, or fatal accident case a success in the California court system. Our law firm focuses on personal injuries.

Our professional lead counsel’s expertise shows in his rating as a Super Lawyers Rising Star 2009-2014, as a proud member of the American Judicature Society, the Consumer Attorneys Association, Personal Injury Warriors, Circle of Legal Trust, and the Marine Corps Association. Integrity and dedication to obtaining swift justice goes into every case we prepare for our injured clientele and we want to do the same for you.



Obtaining Compensation

After any type of accident, the insurance company usually likes to play games and drag things out until the witnesses fade into the background and disappear, or worse, until the time to sue has expired. Our goal is to assure that that individuals harmed by the negligence of others are treated with compassion and fairness in their pursuit of justice. The end game in any catastrophic claim like this is getting you paid a significant amount of money, so you can pay off your doctors, lawyers and care providers, and go on living a relatively normal life around your new-found disability.

If We Don’t Win You Pay No Fee

Ehline Law Firm PC works on a contingency fee, which makes it possible to represent clients that have been injured or suffered the loss of a loved one, without it breaking their bank with up-front fees. Unless we have a successful outcome for you, then we don’t get paid an attorney’s fee. In other words, we are confident enough in our services and skills that we believe we will win cases we take on, “do or die.” By hook or by crook, we will fight tooth and nail on behalf of our clients. Put our can do attitude, appellate and litigation skills to work for you and your family.

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The former U.S. Marine, Michael Ehline, wants you to hire his firm for your San Francisco personal injury claim. We will run your case with honor, courage and commitment, and get into the trenches alongside you to score you a victory. Give us a chance to earn your trust. Ehline Law Firm PC can be contacted toll-free at 888-400-9721.  We will also come to you, wherever you are, at our expense. We will also do whatever it takes within the law to help you out in your hour of need.